Friday, October 28, 2011

Vegucated Screening

Last night I went to an amazing, moving screening of Vegucated

Vegucated is a Doco about 3 meat & cheese loving new yorkers who agree to go Vegan for 6 weeks. Part sociological experiment, part science class, and part adventure story, Vegucated showcases the rapid and at times comedic evolution of three people who share one journey and ultimately discover their own paths in creating a kinder, cleaner, greener world, one bite at a time.

I wish that they could show this film in all schools and that everyone could see it, it truly opens your eyes to the meat industry and the hard, abuse, murder and torture innocent animals go through! Not to mention how horrible meat factory's are for the environment & the waste and toxins that they produce. Animals are amazingly smart beautiful creates that have feelings just like us. :) Also there are so many health benefits from a low fat vegan diet!

Marissa Miller Wolfson the Writer & Producer of Vegucated

Me on the Red Carpet ;)

Kennith Williams a Vegan body builder is featured in the film showing your dont need meat to build big muscles! :) But the meat and dairy industry dont want you to know that because they make massive bank $$$ on keep this fact hidden from the public eye (So does the medical industry the more sick and stupid the public are the richer & more in power they are!!)