Friday, May 27, 2011

Loving the "Stupid" Diesel Ads

Today I was sipping on my favorite soy misto with Vanilla while checkin out these awesome Ad Campaigns for Diesel. I love the quotes they are so true! Sometimes we try to be so smart and serious we miss out on having the time of our lives being silly & having fun!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cruelty Free Makeup & Hair for Alexis!

Makeup & Hair by Phoebe Dawson using ONLY Vegan & Cruelty free products on Alexis for her engagement photos.

Heres a few things I used on her lips I used one of my fav glosses from Inglot

On her cheeks I blended a sheer pink blush by Stila

Across her lids I swept a creamy gold shadow also by Inglot to make her bright blue eyes really pop!!

Quotes I love from Lady Gaga

Love that she is always pushing the envelope and doing something crazy! Hey Makeup & Hair team are amazing!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Funny or Die - Keepin it Realty

Check out this FunnyORDie Video I did Hair & Makeup for with Mary Steenburgeon

Life Happens Screening at LA Film Fest!!!!

Life Happens is a feature film I worked on assisting the amazing head Makeup Artist Amy Nadine! I took care of the mens grooming and supporting actresses.
We worked hard & long hours on this film but had a blast, I am so excited to see the film which is premiering worldwide opening LA Film Festival downtown.

In Kat Coiro’s quick-witted and emotionally grounded comedy, L!FE HAPPENS, the social and career paths of impeccably-styled Silverlake scenesters are brought into sharp relief with the unplanned arrival of a baby. A breezy Kate Bosworth plays Deena, a sharply-mannered smart mouth writer in the style of Rosalind Russell, if Russell had a dirty mind and a recall of hip hop lyrics. Her best friend and roommate Kim, a retro beauty with a weakness for bad boys and a nowhere gig walking dogs, is portrayed by luminescent actress and co-writer Krysten Ritter. When Kim gets pregnant following a one-night stand, she and Deena resolve to maintain their carefree lifestyle, incorporating Kim’s adored baby as an adaptable accessory.

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Film Project- Croquembouche

My current project is a period film set in the late 1940s called Croquembouche. After doing Makeup tests and meeting the cast I am so excited to work on this film! The lead actress Tania is also from New Zealand! Here are some behind the scenes pics ;)
Tania in character Makeup & Hair by Phoebe Dawson

Behind the scenes pic from a photoshoot with the girls!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vegan Nachos & Water for Elephants

With Mum in town from New Zealand we went out to Burbank to do some shopping & get some lunch. First we went to Barnes n Noble and I got a soy misto!

Then after getting some work done we went to the mall to find some deals at Charlotte Russe!

My New tops & Mum got like 4 pairs of jeans!

Then we hit the gym, worked up some hunger and went to the Sun Cafe for lunch

We got some amazingly delicious vegan nachos with nut cheese, guacamole & vegan "sausage meat" we got half regular corn chips & half Jicama chips which tastes kind of like a white carrot. They were so good! (sorry the pic is so small!)

After we went to Kind Kreme which was just around the corner for some Lunch Desert. Kind Kreme is a vegan raw ice creamery, they also have other stuff too! It was the most ive ever spent on ice cream! lol but good!

Later on that night we headed out to a pre screening that I got tickets for but ended up being 1 minute late!! and they wouldnt let us in!! So instead we went to see Water For Elephants which was so awesome & deep! so it was good we missed the other screening!
Robert & Reece were so good together!