Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vegan Nachos & Water for Elephants

With Mum in town from New Zealand we went out to Burbank to do some shopping & get some lunch. First we went to Barnes n Noble and I got a soy misto!

Then after getting some work done we went to the mall to find some deals at Charlotte Russe!

My New tops & Mum got like 4 pairs of jeans!

Then we hit the gym, worked up some hunger and went to the Sun Cafe for lunch

We got some amazingly delicious vegan nachos with nut cheese, guacamole & vegan "sausage meat" we got half regular corn chips & half Jicama chips which tastes kind of like a white carrot. They were so good! (sorry the pic is so small!)

After we went to Kind Kreme which was just around the corner for some Lunch Desert. Kind Kreme is a vegan raw ice creamery, they also have other stuff too! It was the most ive ever spent on ice cream! lol but good!

Later on that night we headed out to a pre screening that I got tickets for but ended up being 1 minute late!! and they wouldnt let us in!! So instead we went to see Water For Elephants which was so awesome & deep! so it was good we missed the other screening!
Robert & Reece were so good together!