Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life Happens Screening at LA Film Fest!!!!

Life Happens is a feature film I worked on assisting the amazing head Makeup Artist Amy Nadine! I took care of the mens grooming and supporting actresses.
We worked hard & long hours on this film but had a blast, I am so excited to see the film which is premiering worldwide opening LA Film Festival downtown.

In Kat Coiro’s quick-witted and emotionally grounded comedy, L!FE HAPPENS, the social and career paths of impeccably-styled Silverlake scenesters are brought into sharp relief with the unplanned arrival of a baby. A breezy Kate Bosworth plays Deena, a sharply-mannered smart mouth writer in the style of Rosalind Russell, if Russell had a dirty mind and a recall of hip hop lyrics. Her best friend and roommate Kim, a retro beauty with a weakness for bad boys and a nowhere gig walking dogs, is portrayed by luminescent actress and co-writer Krysten Ritter. When Kim gets pregnant following a one-night stand, she and Deena resolve to maintain their carefree lifestyle, incorporating Kim’s adored baby as an adaptable accessory.