Saturday, August 4, 2012

Laws of Supreme Influence Workshop

Yesterday was an amazing amazing and inspiring day!!! I had the best time at Niurka's Laws of Supreme Influence Workshop! It was seriously priceless, a huge investment in my self improvement and life!

Supreme Influence is the power to consciously create your world through your thoughts, focus, and communication. Supreme is the authentic You. Influence is the power to focus your language to elegantly manifest your vision. “In-fluence” implies “inward fluency.” You have real influence when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

In this one-day intensive course, here are just some of the things that Niurka covered:

Create the conditions for success in advance - even before you walk in the door.
Instantly step into resourceful states - like confidence, enthusiasm or centeredness - no matter what the circumstance, so you authentically emanate authority and trust, and others see, hear, feel and understand your commitment to their cause.
Ask direct and purposeful questions that allow you to clearly understand and address your client's/team/partners needs and desires - you will eliminate misunderstandings and create clear communication.
Develop the keen awareness of subtle shifts in another's verbal and nonverbal communication - so you know when and how to purposefully push boundaries in your communication, gracefully create tension and release, and elegantly inspire your client/team/partners to say YES and take action now.
Navigate high-level negotiations to successful outcomes - you'll meet everyone's needs and ensure that each person leaves empowered.
Align your thoughts, words and actions with your vision and true purpose.
And so much more...

The sun setting on my way back up to LA