Monday, October 22, 2012

WooHoo Weekend Recap!

This past weekend has been a BLAST!!! I had the most amazing time at Lisa Steadman's WOOHOO WEEKEND ~
Which was at the Beautiful Marriot Renaissance at LAX

I did Lisa's Hair & Makeup for the 2 day workshop.
I also had the pleasure of doing Bonnie Gayle's Makeup on Day 1.

Here are some pictures from the fabulous weekend! I think about 100 people attended, mostly ladies but some men!!

Lisa's Look for Day 1~ Behind the scenes :)
I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa for a few years now at her Woohoo Weekends and other transformational workshops and always meet the most amazing people and business contacts! Lisa is so awesome & REAL & Authentic which is what I love about her!! Lisa is an Author, Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Dating Coach, Expert and Woohoo Woman!!

My favorite vendor from the event~ Azie Naami! I bought one of her beautiful necklaces for a special someone!

My second client of the day amazing Speaker & Body Liberator Bonnie Gayle~!

I loved Bonnie's story & talk here is a sneak peak of some of her handout (Which talked about how our words effect water & our bodies are made up of at LEAST 70% water!!!)
Bonnie is a Body Liberator she helps people get in touch with and truly love their bodies. After overcoming her eating disorder and body image issues, Bonnie successfully sponsored and mentored hundreds of women and men with body issues issues. I got emotional when Bonnie was talking because I could so relate to what she was saying and have definitely struggles with my own body image.

The food was amazing the hotel set up a big table of options both days. As a vegan I made some big salads! Here's Day 1.

Absolutely LOVE this quote by Speaker Amy Applebaum! Amy is a Success Coach and teaches people; "How to release their inner Millionairess". She was SO inspiring!!

Lisa's Look for Day 2. I wanted to change things up and did a Bright Red Lip pared with a sexy grey smokey eye & lashes of course!

On Day 2 these are the top products I used on Lisa, This Lorac eyeshadow palette is so sexy, smokey and does not crease ALL Day!!!

For Lisa's Lips I used a Nars Lip Color Pencil first then dabbed this amazing Lip Tar by OCC on top!

Charles J. Orlando the expert in Social Media was one of the speakers;

My Lunch Salad from Day 2.