Saturday, April 27, 2013

Love this Article Exert!!! Shared from abundance coach ANDREA HESS-

I loved and wanted to share part of this article I got in my inbox this morning, I am always, growing, improving and taking my life to the next level, which I know had always required me to take massive leaps of faith, doing this that scare the hell out of me often. The universe always rewards me in the most amazing ways though!! I love the thrill of putting it all on line, risking big with no idea how I will accomplish what I want, but then the universe always provides.
Its hard, its painful and it hurts! Especially with relationships this has been a struggle for me, many times I have painfully let go of people or men that were amazing but not quite what I truly wanted, as I have done that I always find that in letting go I always make space for something better!! So its all worth it, it really teaches me to have more faith over and over again!!

Recently ive been getting the urging that I am WAY too comfortable right now, that I need to really push myself, step up & out of my comfort zone, change my surroundings and UP-LEVEL every area of my life massively and really go for exactly what I want 100% no EXCUSES~~

Here is the part of the article I loved most and am applying in my life;

"If your next business project doesn’t have the potential to break your heart, to devastate your self-esteem, to make you lose faith in all that you thought you knew … you’re not playing big enough. You’re just trying.

Doing your purposeful work requires giant leaps of faith.

Trying is looking for the staircase that will lead us safely down the cliff and conveniently up the other side.

Take a look at your current business projects. Look at your calendar. What’s on your to-do list that has the potential to break your heart? And what is on that list that is designed to minimize risk?"

To your infinite abundance,
Andrrea Hess