Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My trip home to New Zealand!

Everytime I fly back home to New Zealand it seems even more beautiful than when I was there last! Here are some shots from my last trip home :)It was like heaven to get a break from my crazy, busy life back in LA, turn off my cell phone,see family & be in Nature!

with my Lunch at Wholemeal Cafe in Takaka on our way to the Batch

Some fields by our long walk in Appleby a place close to my home town

An awesome hut on one of the only Boulder Banks in the world that happens to be in my home town! It was also one of the biggest full moons ever that night! We watched the sunset, then turned around and watch the moon rise!

Stunning Sunset at the Boulder bank

Tree Huggers!!

Jumping over a sandhill ;p at one of my favourite beaches!!!

Mum Jumping

Roger & I Jumping

All Raw Zucchini Pasta with Sundried Tomato Marinara sauce that I made for Mum.

The cutest sheep posing for the camera. There are so many sheep in NZ!

Our lunches at The Mucsle Inn, one of my fav places to eat growing up

With Astrid after a 2 hour bike ride around Nelson area

Some cool beachfront livin' I wouldn't complain if I lived there!!

The Beautiful view from the weekend batch we stayed at!

This is the amazingly cool batch we stayed at for a weekend, right on the beach, it a place called Lager bay, Heaven!!!

Looking out from inside a stunning cave!