Friday, November 18, 2011

Raw Vegan Pesto Pasta

=) Salt, additive,fat & nut free!!

With more sauce & cherry tomatoes added

-4 Medium Zucchinis spiralized in noodles
-1 lb baby spinach
-1 lemon
-Small handful basil
-1 garlic clove (optional)
Blend together
-chopped up cherry tomatoes to add into pasta at the end

So for dinner tonight I tried a new recipe from a blogger that I love!=)
I made some Raw Vegan Pesto Pasta here is a link to the Recipe from Teri's blog;
She has some other amazing recipes on there as well as so much cool information on health & fitness etc!

-What I love about eating light n healthy raw food is that is digests so easily and you feel awesome afterwards not all heavy and tired, ready for a nap! Plus raw food still has all the minerals & enzymes intact. (They get destroyed and dehydrated when cooked.)
-The basic deal of raw-food, is that by not heating your eats above 104 F (40 C), the natural enzymes in the food are still functional. This preserves the ‘alive’ state of food. These digestive enzymes are extremely important because they break down the sugars, starches, proteins and fats that accompany them, making digestion of these items much easier on your body!

-Otherwise, your inner systems (namely the pancreas) have to produce these enzymes from scratch. In doing so, a lot more energy is required and the rate of digestion is slowed.