Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I got chosen by my Life Coach as her Client of the Week!!

I am so humbled, blessed and excited to be picked by my amazing Life Coach Khama Anku as her Client of the week! I am only a few weeks into her 6 month program but I have been SO inspired and seen some amazing and exciting changes in my life already!!

Check out her lovely post about me and also a list of some of the things I have noticed changing and improving in my life and I am just getting started!! :D.
I highly recommend Khama. Here is her site; http://www.spiritualphysique.com/
~ Khama Anku ~

She is awesome!! It really helps to have someone supporting you on your path in life and get an outsiders perspective on your life. I know I don't NEED a coach and can achieve things on my own but investing in MYSELF and MY DREAMS by hiring one really helps to lazer focus on what I want and get where I want to be faster.
All the most successful people in the world have coaches and business advisers or a dream team of cheerleaders around them that truly support and believe in them deeply!
I am human, im insecure, I have fears and past hurts and having a coach like Khama who also helps spiritually to help me let go of what is blocking me and holding me back in life!

Whats the point in living if we don't make it worth while, play big and live to the full?? How can we give to others if we cant even give to or accept ourselves??

Its crazy that most people will spend $100's of dollars every single week on bills and things they HAVE to pay for but feel bad about or don't invest in themselves.
You should always invest in self first!! Taking care of yourself is most important and allows you to better take care of others!!