Wednesday, November 21, 2012


(Makeup by Me)

You may feel the need to acquire worldly goods today. (I feel this a LOT!! LOL!) You could feel that you are missing something internally, which might lead you to look for satisfaction in things outside of yourself. These feelings may be the result of a lack of connection to your inner needs. Perhaps today you can try to look within and become attuned to the true needs of your spirit. Consider finding some quiet time and asking your spirit what it requires at this moment. Listen closely for the answer. You may find that the answer lies in the spiritual and not the material world and that your desire for the material is simply a call for greater attention from your spirit.

(Try looking and feeling within and seeing yourself as a precious rare, one of a kind diamond! Because that is what we all are!)

Connecting to our spirit allows us to find what we genuinely need to satisfy ourselves. So often we look to the material world when we feel frustrated internally. But our external desires are simply a reflection of our spirit. When we feel the need to acquire something in order to fulfill ourselves, it means that we are not giving our spirit the attention it deserves. This tells us that we are ignoring our true desires and substituting them for other more fleeting ones. As we begin to listen to our souls, we will find that our real need is to love and be loved. If we allow ourselves to feel this love from within, we will find that we do not need to search for it elsewhere. By listening to your spiritual needs today, you will find a great source of contentment. ~ Courtesy of Daily OM

(Photography by Me. Hollywood Skies on a Hike)