Monday, December 17, 2012

Daughn Gibson ~ ALL HELL Music Video

I was blessed to work with the most amazing Talented people & with Singer Daughn Gibson on his first Music Video~ All Hell.

We shot on day 1 a few hours out of LA where it was snowing and freezing, but we got some beautiful shots out in the winderness and had Dawn doing all kinds of stunts.
Daughn has this amazing amazing deep, dark,dramatic, almost sad feeling sound to his music, its very deep, I love his unique style!!

Part of our set was this beat up old Trailer from the 1930's!

Sneak peak of Daughn doing his thing!

Our awesome producer made this sign lol Coffee is pretty needed on these long & cold set days!! ;)

Headin out into the cold wilderness, day #1.
I love my job!!

Look out for the video soon!!