Saturday, January 5, 2013

Inspo for the Day

Got this following message in my Inbox this morning, I love to be inspired and study greatness DAILY! So this really inspired me and made me think. I love doing Makeup because I love to truly connect with other people on a deep level, our eyes are the window to our souls, our faces are what we show the world. I love to help others look their best and present themselves in an awesome way! Makeup is a beautiful way to enhance our features and add color to our faces.

True Security | by Brian Johnson

“Superheroes see attachment to the known as a false sense of security and recognize that the striving for security (our traditional understanding of power) is, ironically, the basis of all insecurity. Superheroes do what needs to be done with impeccability and the highest motivation for the greatest good and leave the results to the unknown. Their focus is on the action, not the fruits of the action.” ~ Deepak Chopra with Gotham Chopra from The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes

Love this Beautiful art by Alex Haung