Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Makeup and a Braided Updo

Doing my thing, behind the scenes for a Commercial shoot recently;

I recently got given this amazingly infamous Palette called 'Naked' by Urban Decay- It has the best range of colors to create a natural look to something dark & smokey!

My sister asked me to do her hair this morning so this is what I came up with! ;)
I did a french braid from the front of her head on each side and slanted it down to the nap of her neck and braided to her ends, then I wrapped each braid around the opposite side of her head and pinned securely with bobbi pins.
A very cute & romantic look-

Look out for my upcoming interview with Caroline from FlyMyDarling ! She is doing a series of inspirational videos that she will be posting online.
In my interview I talk about;
-Beauty from within
-Accepting yourself and loving your flaws
-Creating a positive environment at work
-How you feel inside and how that effects your whole world!!

I love this quote and it is sooo true!! How we look and feel about ourselves determines others reactions of us!