Monday, June 13, 2011

Was up early to meet a friend and went for a run around a Reservoir which made me realize how unfit I am lol!I cant wait to improve!

After a 4.4 Mile run around a reservoir I got home and snacked on some green grapes & wasabi peas while working on my laptop :)

Random fact: Did you know most chewing gum contains plastic! Yes when you are chillin out chewing some gum you are actually chewing plastic! and other chemical, also when you drink or eat things from plastic bottle of containers especially in the sun or heated food the poisons from the plastic go into your food & body! So avoid plastic whenever possible.
I just read the gum info online and now im definitely going to think twice before chewing next time! I came across this info along with alot of other amazing info about Plastic Free Living at

Also these awesome stainless steel ToGo Ware containers are on my Wish List to bring to work!

and these are pretty awesome too!